04 February, 2010


Well it's been over a week since I posted. Total slacker I know...but I've been busy!!

We got our tax return on the 29th so the weekend was filled with shopping and building. We finally upgraded from our full sized bed to a king sized bed! (Please excuse the yellowness of the picture, no clue why my house makes my pics yellow!!)

And then there was diaper buying! I've never bought that many BRAND NEW cloth diapers! Ever! For great deals on one sized pocket diapers visit The Luv Your Baby Store!(again with the yellow pics!)

Sunday we had a birthday party to go to. X-mans 'girlfriend' A turned 2! What a fun party it was too, followed by a long (2hr-ish) rainy, rainbow filled, shopping packed drive home!

As to the shopping part. Big Daddy and I made the mistake of stopping at Best buy...where we splurged and bought 2 new laptops!! I had planned on putting 600 towards ANOTHER ( crappy) Dell laptop but we saw a really nice Acer for 329.00, and bought us each one. THEN we bought the wii fit plus we had set money aside for too. And I've got serious guilt about spending money, it's kinda crazy!

Monday night L-Train was not sounding good. Big Daddy could hear him working to throw up from the other side of the living room so he called in to work and stayed home Tuesday. Of course by morning L-Train was fine again so we went and did laundry. Nothing like spending 40.00 to wash clothes and the comforter! Then we made a trip to the local outlet mall! X-man needed new shoes, he only seems to need 1 new pair a year (for now!) so we bought him some pretty cool stride rites I don't have a picture of. We also got the boys matching hats! X-man loves his, L-train hasn't tried it on yet. After a dinner stop at Subway both boys slept all the way home!

Yesterday I spent the day doing what cleaning I could. Dishes and laundry folding, some sorting as I work at purging all the extra crap out of our house, we're going to have one HUGE donation for the goodwill at this rate!

And with that...here's next weeks meal plan. I still haven't made calzones so they're on the menu...again...for next week.

Sourdough Calzones
Pot Roast
Carrots and Potatoes
Big Salad
Stuffed Peppers
oven fries
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

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