17 February, 2010

Travels In Sourdough!

I've been working on getting to the point of making sourdough bread regularly. So far my bread is still coming out really dense, but it's improving! I hope this week to make pizza dough for calzones.

This weeks adventure was an attempt at sandwich bread.

To kick off our travels we take some sourdough starter:

Then we add some flour...and stir for a while then knead for 20ish minutes to form a nice litle ball of oh so soft dough:

After a little 30 minute rest period you form it into loaves and put into loaf pans. You should read the directions all the way too and NOT slash the tops of your loaves until later on, but I can't read and got ahead of myself...WHOOPS!

Then it's the long boring part...kind of like a Trans-Atlantic flight. You let your bread rise for 12-15hrs at room temp.

THEN...finally... you bake them for 45 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of 205ish* (at or near sea level)

Then you enjoy. Like I said before Mine was pretty dense but still decent. Next I hope to try making Strawberry sourdough muffins...well they're supposed to be mini-bundts but I don't own a mini bundt pan.

In other news L-Train had his 2 month check up yesterday. He's weighing in at a whopping 13lbs 7oz and 23 inches long!! X-Man was only around 16lbs at his 1st birthday so this is all kind of odd for me!!

Here's a comparrison of pictures. The boys in the same onsie. L-Train is 2 months old, X-Man was 6 months old!


Can I just say WOW? What a difference, it's starting to worry me a bit though. L-Train is already growing into the more summer type clothes we have for him! I guess I'm going to be hitting the 2nd hand store soon.

This past weekend Big Daddy and I went on a date. My mom took the boys for a few hours and we went to the mall, had lunch at World Wraps, then walked across the sky bridge to be greeted by a HUGE water feature and a Dale Chihuly (google him he rocks) glass sculpture to the movie theater.

We saw "Percy Jackson and The Lightening Thief" it was good. Big Daddy said they changed quite a bit of the book (that I'm still reading) but he even thought it was fairly good. X-Man decided to spend the night with his Grandma so we picked L-Train up and hit the local Mexican restraunt for some taco salads, did a little grocery shopping, and headed home. It was a long weekend but we had a lot of fun!

We're finally settling back in to normal life after doing so much running around post-tax season (for us at least!). Now I just need to finish de-cluttering and organizing this house! (ahahahahahahahah right)

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