04 August, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I feel like it's a game I'm constantly playing. Chasing life in circles. I haven't vacuumed the living room since we moved here because doing so requires all the toys to be picked up kids to be occupied elsewhere and then consoling the crying over the 'noisy sucker machine'.

I know I should be working with X-man more on his 'school time' and yes I do realize he's only 3.5 but we're both bored. And we're both cranky when we get bored. He goes into brat mode and I go into just leave me alone mode. Today is one of those days. He's running around like a wild monkey refusing to play outside unless I'm right there with him. I don't mind playing...I really don't. But cmon kid play alone for a few minutes. Don't make me fight you down to your room just for 30 minutes of quiet long enough for me to get your brother to sleep.

I still have boxes packed that need unpacking and no time, desire, or energy to unpack them. And sadly I'm loosing the ability to care that they're still packed. Is that bad?

And yet, I'm still considering home school. I really don't like the school district we currently live in. I can transfer them not too far down the road to another district but I just don't know. We've got some time thankfully, but this is one thing I don't want to wait until the last minute on. I just don't know.

Oh and I want to sew. I want some quiet time to myself to sew. I don't know what I want to make but I want to make something!

One last note...I got my dishwasher finally! Woot ^.^


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  2. YES! You got your dishwasher back! Congratulations!


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