03 September, 2010

Reflections of Motherhood

I saw this video on Facebook and it made me think. What would I have told myself if I could go back to right before X-man was born?

I would have told myself...
 It's okay to say no to your doctors and nurses
 Your body is made to do this, you'll be alright in the end.
 It may be rough at times but it will get better
 You may think you know love, but you don't... You'll never know love like you will the moment you see your         baby for the first time.
 Reach out to family and friends. It's really alright to do so.
 You are your babies voice, only his parents can speak out for him. SO DO IT.
 He's going to throw you curve balls every chance he gets. Learn to go with them and watch him grow.
 Love your significant other and don't hide the fact that you love him, your child should see that.
 Raise your son to be a wonderful father, and a wonderful husband.
 Love yourself. Always.

What would you tell yourself if you could go back?

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