05 October, 2010

What A Day!

Can I just start off by saying UGH!!! So yesterday I *finally* got through to WIC yesterday and they threw me into an appointment for today. So I got up early this morning to get everything done and the boys bathed and ready to go before we had to leave around 11:30. We got there way early which was fine, X-man had fun playing with some of the kids there, got signed in and apparently my appointment magically moved to 1pm. Great a full half an hour  to wait.

So we waited and finally went back, the nutritionist seemed nice enough and we got to talking. She did the standard weighing and measuring L-Train then put the info into her computer. Apparently he's dropped down to the 5th percentile. Fine whatever I don't really care about their charts geared towards babies who aren't breastfed. Then she started her lecturing. Apparently my 9mo, almost 10 mo should be eating 3-5 meals a day instead of the 2-3 he has been. I need to feed him whole fat yogurt and avocado more often. Never mind the fact that he's nursing every 2-3 hrs round the clock still, he eats when he's hungry, oh and never mind the fact that X was barely ON the charts from 6 months to 2 years and is still pretty far down there on standard charts. According to the W.H.O. growth charts both boys are exactly at 50%! Why would anyone think my 18lbs 28in baby is underweight?? I just don't get it and it's frustrating.

I've had enough guilt lately with X-man not eating all that well and still waking at night which I think is linked to hunger. We started making him smoothies before bed and it seems to be helping but I don't know I really don't. Way to go WIC for making me feel like crap today! I'll be supplying you with the W.H.O. growth charts next month!

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