14 December, 2010

Catch-up! With tons and tons of pics!

I know I've been sort of AWOL for a while but it's been craaaazy around here! Getting ready for Christmas has taken up quite a bit of time, but really we're done shopping, done wrapping and all that. Except for X-man. I need to either finish his car mat or wrap the board game we had set aside for his birthday. Speaking of birthdays...L-train turned 1 on Sunday. I was not ready for this and I'm certainly still in denial. I don't want to believe that my little guy is 1!  The party was a hit though and we all had so much fun, a big thanks to all our friends and family who could make it! Oh and X-mans birthday is in a month. Jan 19th. My BABY is going to be 4! I do NOT like this one bit no I don't.

The boys had their checkups yesterday and L-train is 19lbs 7oz, 29in tall and X-man is 35lbs and 39in tall! L-train is at the 'bottom' of the curve but he's proportionate and meeting milestones on time and/or early so there's no cause for concern!

Here are some pics of L-trains birthday bash!

I've got some giveaways coming up soon too so stay tuned!!

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