27 June, 2011

Summer Time...

I've been meaning to post for a while now, a catch-up if you will. Yet again! When the weather gets nice I seem to fall off my blogging wagon! I do have a couple things in the works for you guys though! A book review as soon as I finish reading, and a giveaway after the Noble Heart raffle is over.

Speaking of "A Noble Heart" Little Lincoln seems to be doing well! He's been able to have quite a few tubes and wires removed and he's been finally getting breastmilk through his ng tube! We're so close to our SECOND goal of 1,500.00! If you would consider donating, even if it's just a small amount, it would be much appreciated!! I'll keep you updated on the raffle as well, there are going to be quite a few very talented mamas contributing items to be raffled off at 5.00 a ticket!

As for family life... Big Daddy is still looking for a permanent job after he was laid off in January but we're doing alright. He's been picking up hours here and there with a temp agency which is helping some too. X-man is getting ready antsy to start homeschooling, well more consistently anyways. We decided to go with a virtual academy through a local school district, but because of where his birthday falls we can't enroll him until next year. So this year is another one of what we've been doing already.

Bug is...well insane. Seriously. I used to think X was a strong willed child, I was wrong. So.very.wrong. if Bug-bug isn't happy ain't nobody happy. His favorite thing to do is to give you that look, the one that you just can NOT resist laughing or smiling at, and then climbing on a table...or scaling the bookshelf. The kid is gonna be a rock climber I swear. That or he's on the hunt to give me a heart attack before his second birthday!! Which seems to be creeping up much faster than I want to admit. I mean It's almost July...his birthday is in December. I'm NOT ready!!!

Oh and before I go I must state. Dirtgirl World is the creepiest Childrens show I have ever seen. That is all.


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