02 August, 2011

What I'm listening to... (8/02/11)

I'm going to try and do this weekly, it's kind of fun actually! So, let's see...what am I listening to this week?

"Imagine" by John Lennon. I absolutely LOVE this song, really I do. I don't really have a 'why' I just love it.

Variations on Paganini Carapice No 24 performed by Julian Lloyd Webber at his brother Andrew Lloyd Webbers 60th birthday celebration. I just can't get enough of this piece, it's one I'm looking at picking up to work on on the flute. Yeah I'm one of THOSE nerds.

Carmina Burana 1. O Fortuna. Why I like it? I really don't know once again. I saw it on the BBC show "The Choir" and it's always stuck in my head. Who knows

What are you listening to this week? Anything interesting?


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