19 October, 2011

What Are The Kids Watching?

In an effort to save money, and to get away from Comcast who was screwing us, we recently cancelled our cable tv service. It's been a few months now and we're watching A LOT less tv thankfully. Listening to a lot of Pandora and anything we want to watch is on netflix, youtube, or similar websites played via our BluRay player. My question is what are YOUR kids watching? Or are they tv free?

The last 2 days we've had no nap time because of construction going on in our bathroom so we've been surfing netflix during "quiet time" (which isn't so quiet!) Today we discovered this show "Fistronaut" and I gotta say it was pretty cute. They learned to clap a new rhythm, and they learned about keeping water clean and algae free. Both boys loved it, I think we might have a new favorite!


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