28 November, 2011

Christmas is coming!

And we're done with our shopping. At least for the boys, I don't think we're doing anything for each other this year. After a 10 month lay off I'm just happy Big Daddy is working again!

This year though I think we did REALLY good. Lots of friends sent me their pampers reward points codes and disney reward codes and the boys really got a haul! We haven't decided which stuff is for Christmas and which stuff is for birthdays but here's what we're getting them:


Star Wars Guess Who- clearance at target for 8.56 then I had a 2.00 off coupon as well as 5% off for using Target Debit card! 6.23 total
Perry The Platypus Wall clock- Free (Disney Movie Rewards)
Veggie Tales DVD- Free (Online Special)
Phineas and Ferb Water bottle 6.00 (sale at the Disney Store)
Perry The Platypus Tshirt 2.97 (Walmart Black Friday deal)
A couple other DVDs (Free with Disney points)
U-Build Monopoly 4.87 shipped (Target online super deal)
Custom Mini-Me Apron with space print and a matching crayon roll 20.00 (from Freckle Face Designs check her out! )
New Pajama pants Free to us with Macys Gift card via Klout
Long Sleeve tshirt to go with PJ pants 12.00 from Freckle Face Designs
Slippers 3.97 (Walmart Black Friday Deal)
Viewmaster 4.97 (no sale)
Total: $61.01 give or take

Mickey Mouse water bottle 5.00 (Sale at Disney Store)
Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Puzzle Free (Pampers Points)
Veggie Tales DVD (online special)
Cookie Monster tshirt 2.97 (Walmart Black Friday Deal)
Slippers 3.97 (Walmart Black Friday Deal)
A few other dvds Free (Disney Points)
New Pajama Pants Free w/Macys Gift Card via Klout
Long Sleeve shirt from Freckle Face Designs 12.00
Mini Me- Apron and Crayon Roll set in Dinosaur Print 20.00 from Freckle Face Designs
Viewmaster 4.97 (no sale)
Total: 48.91 ( and I think I'm missing something from his list too)

For both boys together from "Santa"
Hot Wheels Trio Lift and Go Garage - 24.00 (K-mart Black Friday Deal)
2 Playskool Heroes Star Wars Action figures 5.99 each (Kmart no sale)
GeoSafari Talking Microscope and Outdoor adventure kit (Educational Insights- free to us I won a 50.00 gift cert!)

Total: 35.98

Grand Total: 145.90 Not bad AT ALL in my opinion. For 2 birthdays and Christmas. I'm glad to be done. I might pick up a few small things here and there for stockings mostly but not much!



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