03 April, 2012

Identity Theft is a Preventable Pain!

Identityhawk offers many options to combat identity theft! Everything from Social Security number protection to credit score monitoring! One of the steps that is most important, in my opinion, is finding out where your identity protection is the weakest and making changes to keep yourself from identity theft.

With Identityhawk that is exactly what they do. They show you where your Identity is at risk, and how to fix it! Their goal is to stop identity theft *before* it starts, not after it’s already happened. I know I for one would much rather find out I’m at risk and fix it before I’ve become a victim!

Identityhawk also offers internet protection! Which includes both anti-virus and anti-spyware protection. Your computer often holds your information. Account numbers, passwords, etc and you want those to be protected from outsiders. Yet another available perk is the 1 million dollar Identity Theft Insurance this company offers. It’s a zero-liability insurance, no deductible, and you’re covered for lost wages, legal fees, and much more!

Overall I think looking into identity theft coverage is one of the best moves a person can make to protect themselves, especially in a world where so much of our lives is done in a virtual world!