27 January, 2010

What I Love...


I was asked if I wanted to participate in the 13 Days of Peace and Love and I said sure why not! So here I am posting about what I love. It's really not too hard to do at all, I think I'll come up with 13 things too!

1. I love my family, all of my family extended and close!
2. I love my wonderful, hardworking, babywearing husband!
3. I love my children with all of my being, I would be lost without them!
4. I love my ability to be a stay at home mom, without my husbands hard work that wouldn't be possible.
5. I love wearing my babies close in wraps, slings, and carriers!
6. I love putting cloth diapers on their cute little bums!
7. I love the Earth that we live on!
8. I love doing all I can to help protect the Earth!
9. I love the smell of fresh baked bread!
10. I love making homemade healthy meals for my family!
11. I love my friends, without them there are days I'm not sure I'd "survive".
12. I love breastfeeding my babes, it has to be one of the most important things that I do as a mother, the bond is the greatest!
13. I love watching crappy reality shows too...hey everyone needs a little brain rot right??

So take the challenge! What do YOU love? Have a blog? Why don't you join the 13 days and see what it does for you?

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