26 February, 2010

Hum dum dee dum

Well okay so I haven't posted and I know I suck...but I've been busy! Working out, trying to keep up on housework, being stuck under L-Train who should be renamed Mr. Fussy Pants. But I'm still here I promise!

I think I killed my sourdough starter so I'm going to guess I'll have to start over. Oh well attempt 1 was a fail so what? Big Daddy brought me home a bread machine he bought from a co-worker for 10 bucks(!!!!) sooooo I tried it last night and yeah it was not good at all. I had a slightly cooked dough ball at the bottom of my machine. What is it with me and bread?? Seriously! One of these days oh bread gods one of these days...

In news with the boys, X-Man is counting and singing his abc's so much better and he loves the song The Wheels On The Bus, as that's what he wakes me up with every morning now. L-Train was 13lbs 9oz at our WIC appointment Tuesday and 23.5 inches long. He's already scooting across the floor if left on his back and holding his chest/head up off the ground while on his tummy. I am NOT ready for him to be mobile!!!

I think we're starting to get into our "groove" having 2 kids now, it doesn't take me AS LONG to get out the door at least! Except now we're carless. Our awesome new car died a horrible death, thanks to Big Daddy's Dad and Step-Mom we should be able to get it fixed soon though!! Living in the country with no transportation is not fun!

And to wrap things up here's next weeks meal plan!


Sticky Chicken
Red Potatoes


Chicken Noodle Soup

Mexican Shepphards Pie

Garlicy Green Beans
Oven Crisped Potaotes


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