03 March, 2010

A Whole New...Month

Hard to believe but it's March already! Inching closer to Spring bit by bit! I can't wait for flowers to be in bloom again, and my love for the cherry blossoms has been renewed as the ones in our parking lot have begun flowering. They're so pretty!

L-Train is already attempting to get up on his hands and knees, screw crawling I guess! and X-Man is mastering his ABC's and counting to 10. As for me...I'm working on wearing BOTH boys in the carriers at once. L-Train on my chest and X-Man on my back, sadly they kind of balance out.

I took another travel in sourdough and forgot to take pics so sorry! I made a batch of Strawberry Sourdough Muffins. they were pretty good but needed more strawberry in my opinion!

This whole dairy free living seems to be getting a bit easier, it still sucks sometimes when I really really want a slice of cheese, or a quesadilla but I'm coping. Maybe L-Train will outgrow it soon. It's hard to believe he's already nearing 3 months old!!!

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