09 March, 2010

My Screw you to Facebook.

So apparently breastfeeding is considered "obscene" in the eyes of facebook. Not only do I know women who've had their pictures removed I've had some of mine removed as well. Photos from the first time L-Train nursed after birth deleted and a warning that my account would be deleted if I continued violating the terms of service.

Apparently this photo contained too much nudity. It was the first time L-Train nursed, at less than an hour old.

Yet...it seems perfectly okay that there are groups geared towards pictures of women with large breasts in nothing but skimpy bikinis or their underwear. Why? Why hasn't anything been done about THEM? Seriously it pisses me off. Why is it when breasts are photographed while being used for their natural intent it's obscene but when they're used for sexual purposes it's not? Have we really traveled back in time to the days when nursing a baby was considered taboo?

WHY WHY WHY??? When is it going to become normal again? When are women going to stop hiding to feed their babies? Just remember if it weren't for breasts being used to feed infants none of us would be here today. Think about that while you delete our photos and try to force us into bathrooms, hot cars, or under blankets.


  1. I agree with you it is a bunch of bull that We can't post pictures of our babies nursing.It sucks that it disgusts so many. I think it a beautiful, wonderful, natural thing. That is why I nurse my baby and don't intend to stop because some people are offended.

  2. Sex is a natural act to, without which we wouldn't be here, but I don't want to see that taking place in public either...

  3. And that's fine. Yes sex is the natural act but the problem is facebook doesn't seem to care about sexually explicit photos of women's breasts only those of nursing mothers. Why? Why are there groups and applications allowed geared towards showing off scantily clad women but nursing mothers are being banned? My photos are not public no one who isn't on my friends list can see them, and at that I am certain that if they don't like it they don't have to look. Why should I be punished because someone doesn't want to see me nursing my baby. It is my LEGAL right to nurse in public, yes that's right my *legal right*. So until it becomes legal to have sex in public it's pretty much a moot point.

  4. I am fully with you re: facebook. I think if they allow pictures of an obviously sexual nature (and they seem to), then they shouldn't ban pictures of a nursing mother. If anything, a nursing mother has less physical exposure than the other type of picture.

    However, you stated, "Think about that while you delete our photos and try to force us into bathrooms, hot cars, or under blankets". While I realize it is legal to nurse in public, my point (in comment 2) was not about FB or whether something was legal or not. It was that there are members of society who are made distinctly uncomfortable by certain acts taking place within their viewing. For some (including me), sex is one and also for some (also including me), nursing is another. I do not mean to imply that one shouldn't nurse in public - I have seen people finish nursing their child when I never knew they had been nursing them in the first place! I just meant to imply that some consideration should be taken for those around you when you are nursing as the act, which may be beautiful to you, might cause some consternation in others nearby.


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