20 May, 2010


As I stood in the kitchen chopping veggies for soup, listening to X-Man play cars in his bedroom and L-Train babble at me from his high chair, I came to a realization. I'm that mom. I've fallen into the gender roll I was never ever going to be a part of. The T.V. mom, you know Mrs. Cleaver. Yeap that's me, minus the dress, pearls, heels, and little white apron of course. I don't own an apron...though I secretly want one! And I would so totally rock the 1940s-1950s TV housewife attire, but shh don't tell!

Five years ago I would have told you my children would have their own room and they'd sleep in it from birth. I'd only nurse until I went back to work, or I might maybe pump for a while. They'd have rice cereal at 3 or 4 months old and we'd be buying jars of baby food not long after. They would have every single vaccination on schedule and I wouldn't even consider using cloth diapers. Baby carriers? Yeah right they need to learn to not be so attached and clingy right!? And then I gave birth. My children have changed nearly ever fiber of my being, and I like to think for the better.

And now as I sit here watching X-man read his book sitting in Big Daddys recliner while classical music plays on the t.v. and listen for the soft breathing of Liam in our big family bed while he sleeps, it only enforces the fact that I love my life. I wouldn't change a thing. (Okay well we can change a few things...a house of our own would be nice but it too shall come in time!)

Seriously. When did my life change so much? When did I become 'okay' with washing diapers, wiping spit up off my shirt and continuing to wear it instead of changing my clothes? And when the hell did I find it within me to make food from scratch regularly? I thought we lived in a 'modern' time and here I am pulling chicken off of the bone, and boiling the bones for stock. Then turning that into a wonderfully delicious creation of chicken and dumplings for dinner.

I guess we all have to grow up sometime right? I just didn't realize it could happen without knowing it was done. Apparently I've grown up at least in some respects. I refuse to be old, I refuse to give up rolling around on the floor and blowing bubbles. Nope, no sir, not gonna happen! Of course I also refuse to allow my children to grow up but they're doing it much against my will already.

X-Man is content to dress himself in the morning, and don't even suggest putting a diaper on him for a car ride. Granted he wants to wear pajamas all day...but hey can you blame the kid? And no I don't fight him on it, if he wants to wear pajamas then damn skippy he's wearing pajamas!

L-Train has decided that it's time to start rolling, and scooting, and spinning, and talking, and trying to sit up all at once too. Oh and I think he's got a tooth or two coming in too.

These two boys are my life. I may be outnumbered but I can't say I'd have it any other way. Between them and their wonderful Daddy, life is...well excellent!

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