19 July, 2010

Getting Settled

We're finally getting settled into our new home. Did I mention we were moving? Well we were, and we did, and it's finally becoming a home. I have a few random boxes to unpack still and pictures to hang, but it's getting there.

As for updates on the family let's see. Big Daddy just had his birthday this past week! He's still 20-something. ;-) And I promise that frosting was red...not pink or orange!

X-Man is growing like crazy and I swear he's 3 going on 16 some days. He's definitely got the attitude thing down, but I also realize he's got a lot of changes going on right now too. Hopefully once everything settles down life will be easier for him! He's liking the new apartment, and the fact that we have a playground very close helps a lot I'm sure!

Then we have L-Train...wow he's changed a ton already! He's 7 months old now and has three teeth, is crawling, eating everything in sight, babbling, laughing, cooing, has mastered that high pitched shriek when he doesn't get what he wants and is just a fun little guy.

As for me? Well I'm getting on alright, adjusting to this new phase in life of 2 mobile babies! But for good measure...here's some more pics of the boys!

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