10 November, 2010

Hum dum dee dum- A Ramble-icious Post

Hum dum dee dum...I'm so rumbly in my tumbly. Well not really because I just binged on Halloween candy so I'm much more achy in my tummy but that's okay! Reses make for good breakfast right!? RIGHT?! That's what I thought!

So I finally mopped my kitchen floor and started really deep cleaning the kitchen and I realized that, one I need my own ipod so that I can listen to something other than nick jr or sprout while cleaning...and that way I'm not killing the battery on my blackberry using pandora or the built in music player. Oh and I just want an iTouch anyways, I'm feeling very much behind on technology and it makes me sad!

I'm so behind on well...everything. I've got a blanket order to finish, a hat order to finish, another hat trade-order to finish. AND I need to get Christmas gifts done. I can't wait to post pictures of X-mans Christmas present, I've got 1 of 8 sections almost finished and a good deal of it *has* to be done by hand so I really should get to work. Perhaps I should be working on all that instead of blogging but oh well!

Let's see on some other notes, I'm debating starting some sourdough starter again. My last attempts more or less ended when I broke my container full of starter and it went...everywhere. It took a lot of scrubbing to get it all off the cabinets and counters too. I hate cleaning. I hate scrubbing even more. I miss the smell of it though, is that weird? I love the smell of sourdough bread, one of my favorite places to go downtown is the pier where the sourdough company is just because it smells so very yummy.

I guess my blogging time is over for the day, X-man can't seem to let L-train nap lately. And ever since he was sick last week he's been back to the explosive, unable to listen, kiddo I thought we'd gotten past. I'm going to go pull my hair out and listen to some more of this cd while I try and fight L-train back to sleep!

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