04 November, 2010

Updates on the boys...and a recipe!

We had a WIC appointment today, and I was prepared to go bat sh*t crazy on someone if they told me L-train was underweight again. They took X-man back for his appointment first and checked up on him. He's doing great, 36 lbs 4oz and 38 3/4 inches tall! That means he's gained 4lbs 4oz and grown 2 3/4in since January!

L-train is now 19lbs 4oz and 38 3/4 in long. A whole 1lbs4oz gain in a month. Apparently the nutritionist last month labeled him as failure to thrive! A serious what teh fudge in my opinion! He's growing, he's happy, he eats, he nurses 'round the clock. He's crawling, walking 4-5 steps at a time and jabbering away. Failure to thrive my arse.

X-man also caught a cold he seems to be on the mend, L-train is battling with it now though and I think I've got it as well. Hopefully it runs its course quickly and leaves us alone for the rest of the cold and flu season!

And now for a promised recipe. Smoothies are a big hit in our house, or as X-man calls them smoozies! We bought one of these blenders:

And I love it. Every night as I'm packing Big Daddys lunch I take the carafe and fill it with the following ingredients. Pop it in the fridge and when he's getting his lunch ready in the morning he pops the carafe on the blender base mixes it up and has a filling morning smoothie to start the day. X-man absolutely loves smoothies too and I love that I can get tons of fruits (And veggies!) into him, quickly and easily as well as get him some extra calories.

Big Daddys Morning Smoothie:

1 banana
Handful of frozen fruit mix (We buy the big bag at walmart, with mango, peach, pineapple, and  something else I can't remember at the moment!)
1/4 cup milk
3-4 large spoon fulls of yogurt (Vanilla and Strawberry are our favorites here)
Drizzle of honey
Contents of 2 probiotic capsules

I put everything into the smoothie in that order and it's ready to go!

X-Mans Snack time Smoothie
This is one of his favorites, though he loves the fruit smoothie as well!

1 banana
2 heaping spoonfulls peanut butter
3-4 heaping spoonfulls yogurt
1/4 cup milk
Contents of 1 probiotic capsule
Moderate drizzle of chocolate syrup

Now I'm lactose intolerant. I can handle yogurt but not milk so if I'm making a smoothie for myself I usually sub out  the milk for 1/4 cup of whatever juice we have on hand. Or if I'm lucky and we have almond milk I use that!

I can't suggest these enough. I'm going to order some protein powder I think just to give our smoothies a little extra filling oomph. Right now I'm looking at this particular one. It combines greens and whey protein and is organic for a decent price!

Maybe one day soon I'll post  our favorite "greens" smoothie recipe!

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