12 January, 2011

Yellow House Candles Review

Yellow House Candles are a favorite in my house! And I'm not just talking about the candles either, the soaps, lotions, and lip balm are all wonderful! For the last 2 years we've given these out as gifts as well, this year we had gifts directly shipped to people and the packaging was done wonderfully and a packing slip was left out as asked.

I prefer to use a candle warmer like this for mine instead of lighting them:

One candle is enough to make our entire (little) apartment smell wonderful. My favorite scent remains Coconut Cream Pie, and why yes I have bar soap and body cream in the scent as well. I told you I love that stuff! When ordering gifts for family this holiday season she even included a little 'extra' in my package of some peppermint lip balm. Yay a new favorite, it is awesome, seriously. You should all go buy some! It goes on smooth and gives that minty tingle that is just fun!

The bar soaps leave you feeling clean without that gross buildup sensation and it smells SO.FLIPPING.GOOD! Same with the body cream! I love putting it on, and X-man loves it to. He's always asking for "coconut pie lotion pleeeeaaasseee" because it smells delicious.

As for the candles and tarts...oh man there are so many different scents to choose from. The problem is you can't just choose! Here's my advice,  get yourself a candle warmer or a tart warmer, go down to ikea or some place similar and buy a bunch of votive holders and then go and order a bunch of different scented tarts. Your house will smell delicious! I've had people ask me if I was baking something when they walk in the door because it smells just like I am!

Now, over at Yellow House Candles on Facebook there's a little contest going on, when she reaches 200 fans there will be a giveaway! So head on over there and "like" the page, and let her know I sent you!

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