07 February, 2011

I'm baaaaack! SUPER pic-heavy post

Yeap that's right I'm back. Vacation was awesome! The flu and cold we all caught afterwards...not so much! It's been a bit of a rough month as well. Big Daddy received notice that he was laid off the Monday before his mom came to visit, so it's the ever dreaded job hunt time now. Thankfully he gets unemployment and we were able to pay off all of our credit card debt with our tax return. Oh and THANK GOD we signed up for job loss insurance on our one personal loan. At least I know we can make it until he finds something.

But on to fun stuff! Vacation pictures, we had so.much.fun. If you have a bit of extra cash and you're near a major city I highly suggest looking into buying a city pass. My mother in law paid 59.00 for each of us adults and it got us into 6 different attractions. They were 39.00 for children over age 4 but since X-man JUST turned 4 (!!!!)  we chose to not buy him one and continue telling everyone he was only 3. Is that bad of us?!  We hit up the Seattle Space Needle, once in the early afternoon and once at sunset, the Pacific Science Center complete with a 3D Imax Movie about the new Boeing Dreamliner, The Museum of Flight (I can't decide who was more excited X-man or Big Daddy!), The Seattle Aquarium, The Woodland Park Zoo, and we took a 1 hour Harbor Cruise around Elliot Bay via Argosy Cruise Lines.

It was a blast, X-man learned so so so much about what is around us and how it came to be. He is in love with the Space Needle and the Science Center and I can't wait to take him back again!

Day 1 of our outing we hit up the Seattle Space Needle and The Seattle Children's Museum.

I'll continue our adventures in the city in another post!

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