16 February, 2011

Ch ch ch ch chaaaanges

I've done a little updating to my blog! For starters L-train will now be referred to as Bug or  Bug-Bug, I kept typing that out in all my posts anyways and always had to go back and fix it. That's what we call him 'round these parts anyways. Well except the checker at the grocery store and X-man who calls him Baby Jack Jack because well...he reminds her of this crazy kid:

Though he doesn't have nearly as much hair...still my little baldy :) I've also updated the pictures...well everyones but mine anyways. Maybe I should let someone take a decent picture of me sometime...we'll see. I'm contemplating a new layout as well, anyone have any favorite layout places?? 

Tomorrow we're off to Portland, for for a little day trip to visit some friends. Happy Wednesday!!

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