06 May, 2011

All New BK Chicken Tenders Review!

Rachel over at Yellow Tennessee named me as part of her 'Tender 8' for the Burger King promotion to spread the word about their new chicken tenders. As part of her 'Tender 8' my family and I were given a BK Crown Card to go try out these new (nom nom nom) chicken tenders! I have to say we all loved them. AND they're like 5.99 for a 20 piece right now, which for the four of us is perfect to split, though I have a feeling that won't last long!

Now I've gotta say we did kind of like the crown shape of the old tenders, they were fun to play with. I mean I would never encourage my children to play with their food! No way never! nor did I teach them to turn the crown upside down to make a funny mustache. But these new nuggets are just the right size and shape for small hands to hold easily, and they are easier to dip. Oh did I mention they taste awesome?

Take a look at those, and tell me they don't make you at least a little bit hungry? Honestly while we do try to eat whole foods, and as healthy as possible I'm a firm believer in "treats" now and then. Heading to BK is a treat for the entire family. The kids can play in the play area, I don't have to cook, and we all get to get out of the house for a little fun together as a family!

And if your'e wondering here is the nutrition info for an 8 piece chicken tenders from BK. (Sauce not included in totals)

380 calories
4.5g sat. fat
50mg cholesterol
0g sugar
20g carbs
22g fat
0g trans fat
20g protein
610mg sodium


* Milk
* Wheat

So, go out there and try out the new BK Chicken Tenders. Let the kids run off some steam in the play area, especially if it rains where you live like it does where we live. Have fun and enjoy the down time while someone else does the cooking!

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received a gift card to purchase product for review, no other compensation was given.
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