06 May, 2011

Diapers We Love- Fuzzi Bunz

I've decided to do something fun. It's going to be titled "Diapers We Love" and each post will be about a different diaper brand we love and use in this house! First up we're going to profile Fuzzi Bunz Cloth diapers. Now I've got to say I didn't get to try these out until X-man was nearly out of diapers, but once I got my first Petite Toddler FB I was hooked. it was the ONLY sized diaper that fit him properly and I went scouring the for sale or trade forums looking for more.

The fact that all of our Fuzzi Bunz are used seriously says something about the quality of the diapers if you ask me! Some of them are now on their fourth (Yes, 4th!!) child now that Liam is wearing them. Can't say that about a 'sposie can ya?

(Note: Images can be clicked on for larger view)

Now, I wanted to share a little information about Fuzzi Bunz! They are awesome diapers and have been re-designed. Now almost all of the Fuzzi Bunz we have are the old style with pointed tabs, however we do have a handful of the new style and one of the one-size and I love them all. The one-size is definitely my favorite though! SO versatile and so easy to adjust to fit YOUR baby exactly.

One of the other huge reasons to switch to cloth diapers is the cost. Disposables are expensive. If you look at how long you need them for it becomes outrageous. Now I will say making the leap into cloth diapering can seem expensive as well but look at it long term!

If you have any questions about cloth diapering feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail at threemenandmama (at) gmail (dot) com!

Note: The Fuzzi Bunz fact sheets are linked through my husbands webdomain. Why you ask? Because After two hours of fighting with Google Docs I am D-U-N. We are not speaking for the present time. Google and I that is...not Big Daddy and I!

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