29 July, 2011

Another catch up post!

Yes I suck at blogging right now! And I apologize! I've been feeling a bit uninspired, though I am working on a couple reviews. I believe a big part of the problem is that it's SUMMER. And we now finally have some summer weather! I mean I even have tan lines...who knew that was possible? I sure didn't!

With the warmer weather we've been enjoying the pool our apartment complex offers, X-man is getting so brave and loves jumping into the pool...repeatedly. Bug isn't too sure. I think his life jacket isn't helping him any in the comfort department. He's still too small for a standard life jacket so he's got the infant kind that won't let him do anything but float on his back.

And look! Bug is even starting to get a bit of hair! Poor baby got his mamas hair genes...sorry buddy!

As for Big Daddy and I, we're pluggin' a long as usual! We finally had a good extended date, kid free. We wandered the mall, shared some teryiaki for lunch, went and saw Harry Potter 7b...that I sobbed like a baby through! I used my swagbucks to buy a restaurants.com gift card for a local restaurant which allowed us to even have a full, sit down dinner. Complete with an appetizer AND desert for only about 12.00 out of pocket! All in all our whole date only cost around 35.00 because of gift cards and free baby sitting!

Tomorrow, we're going to hit up the farmers market in the morning. And HOPEFULLY I'll be buying some canning lids and such to make some fresh, homemade strawberry jam and grape jelly. Om nom nom. When I do I'll definitely let you all know just how that went! I've yet to do it all on my own, it'll be a fun new adventure!


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