19 January, 2010

The Big Day

Today is the day. The day our baby turned 3. It's so hard to believe that exactly 3 years ago at this exact time (8:36pm PST) I was pushing, I had been pushing for 6 minutes and only had until 8:51 before I'd have my beautiful first born heading to the NICU after a doctor screw up.

He was struggling to breathe and before I could even touch him he was gone. After three oh so long days in the NICU he was released and we were on our way home. I could finally give him his first bath, and put him in his own clothes, and start weaning him off of the formula they had started him on in the NICU.

We took our first trip to Ohio when he was just a few weeks old and it wasn't long until Big Daddy's life was going to change majorly once again. Where he got to meet his Daddies family. (I'd love to include a picture of the whole group...but my external hard drive is DOA atm) He decided while we were there that he was going to pack up what he could take on the plane and leave what he had known his entire life to make a family with me and X-Man.

So Big Daddy moved from Ohio to Washington and we started our life together.So many "firsts" came over the next year, first holidays, first steps, first cloth diaper, first food, first words. It was definitely a fun year!

But time flew by and X-man's first birthday came oh so quickly!

Uncle "Wee" came to visit from Texas for X-man's birthday and we had a fun day on the Seattle waterfront!

The following September we made another trip across the states to Ohio for a wedding. A double wedding in fact! Big Daddy and I tied the knot at the same time as Big Daddies little brother Andy and now sister-in-law Sarah got married before Uncle Andy deployed to Iraq.

Gramma Carol came on a visit to Washington and we surprised Big Daddy with her presence, it was awesome and a very fun little 'vacation'. How she managed to escape any pictures is beyond me!

We moved to our own apartment just a month before X-man's second birthday, so many new adventures all at once!

His birthday theme was Blue's Clues, he had moved on from Elmo it seemed.

Living in our own apartment has been fun, and interesting. This past year has flown by again. X-man was told he was going to be a big brother and he was so very excited, we had many play dates with his friends, and he became a big brother just a month before his third birthday. Happy Birthday Tiny Little Super Guy!!

And that's the bulk of my picture heavy post for my sweet little boy! On another note L-train had a weigh in today and he's up to 11lbs15oz and is 22 in long at 5 weeks and 3 days old!

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