18 January, 2010

Of Doctors and Midwives...

Well X-man had his 3 year check up today and everything looks great! He's 31.5lbs and exactly 36in tall! just under the 25% for weight and just under the 50% for height, but he's proportioned and not 'at risk' for growth hormone problems so I'm happy.

L-train is still refluxing but after talking with our wonderful doctor we've decided to wait until his check up on February 9th before starting medication. Since removing dairy from my diet his screaming has stopped so it's at least manageable at the moment.

As for me...my check up with my midwife was great as usual. Low bp and I've officially lost 31 lbs since giving birth to L-train 5 weeks ago. I'm 23lbs lighter than I was before I got pregnant. Best diet I've gone on that's for sure! I still have to get pics uploaded of my new hair style and of X-mans birthday party, hopefully soon!!

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