18 January, 2010

Not Me! Monday

Let's see how my first Not Me! Monday post goes!!

To kick off I did not let X-man run around half naked as guests were arriving for his birthday party simply because he wet his pants. Not me! And I certainly did not just toss his wet pants into the drier while he ran around in an over-sized t-shirt playing with kids and flashing everyone!

I didn't wipe L-trains face/neck/arm with my shirt after a major spit up and then continue to wear said shirt for the rest of the day. Not me! I always change immediately after he spits up on me, even if it means running out of clean clothes daily.

I certainly did not let X-man remove all the toys from his toy box this morning, stand on his rocking horse to look out the window, or stand on his rocking chair to get clothes out of his dresser after telling him to throw his own diaper away this morning. Not me, I always get up nice and early to have everything ready for both boys. I would never make my oldest undress, find his own clothes, and dress himeslf.

I am also not writing this post instead of getting said boys ready to go to the doctors this afternoon. I would never procrastinate like that. Not me!

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